The goal of our Emergency Room Enhancement (ERE) program is to decrease repeated utilization of hospital emergency rooms and law enforcement contacts and to increase access to mental and physical health and substance use services. Our ERE staff is comprised of four Outreach Specialists and one ERE Coordinator. ERE staff travel to and provide services in all five counties of the Center’s catchment area.

We identify and focus on removing barriers to community resources and unemployment so that individuals lead meaningful and healthy lives and have a clear sense of belonging. For individuals who are underinsured, who fall below Federal Poverty Level, are homeless or have unstable housing, we assist them with acquiring Medicaid, Disability, Food Stamps and housing options.

Our Emergency Room Enhancement (ERE) staff work closely with Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) and other First Responders and provide training in behavioral health so they understand and are able to recognize whether they are facing a law enforcement crisis or a behavioral health crisis and approach accordingly. The ERE and CIT partnership is highly successful not only with increasing first responder’s and citizen safety, but also in reducing recidivism, improving community relationships and resolving community crisis situations.

Doris Irvin,
ERE Coordinator

Monica Reagan,
Outreach Specialist

Heather Ressel,
Outreach Specialist

Lauren Stecz,
Outreach Specialist

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