Chyna Blissett, CSC

Welcome Chyna! Chyna joined one of our Cape Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (CPRC) teams as a Community Support Casemanager (CSC). Chyna lived in St. Louis most of her life but is originally from Sikeston. Some of Chyna’s hobbies include eating new foods, going to the movies, working on crafts for her business, and listening to music. When asked what she likes most about her position at CCC, Chyna said that she enjoys getting to meet and interact with the clients.

Kiana Cannon, FAW

Welcome Kiana! Kiana recently joined our Cape Youth Day Treatment team as a Family Assistance Worker (FAW). Kiana’s hometown is Chaffee, Missouri. Kiana’s favorite vacation spots are Chicago and Jamaica and would like to travel to Paris. One of Kiana’s hobbies is singing Karaoke. Kiana enjoys working with the kids at Day Treatment, building rapport with them, and then watching them accomplish their goals.

Nic Burke, Mainentance

Welcome Nicholas (Nic)! Nic started his position with our Maintenance team at the end of December. He considers Benton, Missouri his hometown. Although Nic doesn’t have a favorite vacation spot, he is down to go anywhere new and would like to travel to Florida.

Karissa Hobbs, CSC

Welcome Karissa! Karissa joined our Perryville Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (CPRC) team as a Community Support Casemanager. Karissa has lived the majority of her life in Ste. Genevieve, although she is originally from Texas. Karissa likes to read, play video games, and make art. She is a tropical vacation spot person but would love to go to Japan or Ireland. When asked what she likes about her job, Karissa said that her “favorite part is seeing clients make progress in improving their lives and celebrating their accomplishments with them.”

Audrey Tilley, PSR Specialist

Welcome Audrey, our newest Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Specialist at our Ste. Genevieve PSR. Audrey moved from Maine to Missouri when she was young and primarily grew up in Bonne Terre, MO. When Audrey isn’t working, she enjoys spending time her family and reading. Audrey likes to visit Maine for vacations but if she could travel anywhere, she would “love to visit anywhere tropical where the weather is warm all the time!” So what does Audrey enjoy about her position at CCC? “CCC has been amazing to work for. I think what I enjoy the most is just interacting with the clients and hopefully
making their day more enjoyable (I know they make my day more enjoyable!)”

Ebony Morris-Pullian, RCW

Welcome Ebony! Ebony is a PRN Residential Care Worker (RCW) at Ridgeway House. Ebony started with CCC on December 7, 2020. PRN staff are called in whenever other staff members are out for earned time off or if additional coverage is needed.

Makinsey Uhrhan, RCW

Welcome Makinsey. Makinsey is a Residential Care Worker (RCW) at Ridgeway House. Makinsey is from the Chaffee/Oran area. Makinsey likes to learn about new conspiracy theories, shopping, and drinking iced chai lattes. Makinsey also enjoys hanging out at home with her two cats. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to Athens, Greece.

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