Congratulations to Lacey Stroup for being selected as the Employee of the Month for November. Lacey is a caseworker for the Youth Day Treatment in Jackson and is supervised by Sarah Landers. Lacey was nominated because “she has an excellent rapport with staff, families, and clients. She is very compassionate at what she does and is always striving to brighten someone else’s day. She shows appreciation to everyone she works with and even does little extra tasks to help build and maintain positive staff morale within her team. In the past six months, she has helped train three other Youth Day Treatment cases workers, taken on extra clients when other Youth Day Treatments were without a caseworker, and assisted Youth Day Treatment Managers and Therapists with tasks, all while making sure her own tasks are completed. She is always exceeding expectations and always seeking to make CCC a positive experience for anyone she comes in contact with”

How long have you worked at Community Counseling Center?

I have been with Community Counseling Center 2 years.

What do you like most about working at the Center?

There are many aspects of my job that I love. I love seeing my client flourish within their treatment. This could look different for each client and helping aide in that process is rewarding. Also, I love seeing my client’s throughout the week and hearing about their everyday life.

Have you experienced an unexpected gratifying work event? If so, please share what made it so and how and/or why it was meaningful to you?

The most gratifying experience that I have had within my job is my client’s wanting to have an open conversation with my about their struggles or everyday life. This is a gratifying experience for me because it is a chance for me to validate my client’s and their experiences. Clients need validation and being able to provided that for them, makes me feel like I am making a difference. I understand how it feels to not feel.

What guidance and/or support would you offer a newly hired Community Counseling Center employee?

Guidance or support that I would offer a newly hired CCC employee would be to listen and validate client’s. Listening and validating can open so many opportunities for building rapport and trust with them.

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