Outpatient Therapy/Counseling

Our outpatient therapy/counseling program offer individual, family, or group therapy based on the individual’s specific need and eligibility.

Therapy/counseling services address a variety of needs such as life changes, including situations such as grief or divorce, educational stressors, family dynamics, trauma, and a variety of other factors impacting a youth’s ability to function fully at home, in school, and/or other settings.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our therapists are trained in a variety of evidence-based practices that have proven to show successful outcomes. For more information regarding the evidence-based therapies we provide, please click on the link. If you would like more information about our therapy and counseling services or to schedule an intake to get started with services, please click on the appropriate county link below for our contact information in your area.


Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Madison, Perry, and Ste Genevieve counties


We accept Missouri Medicaid, private insurance, and private pay for services. Other funds may be available to support the cost of such services for eligible individuals who have no other means to pay.

For individuals without coverage, please view our sliding fee schedule for information related to cost of services.  Spanish version of our sliding fee schedule.

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