Individual Placement and Supports (Supported Employment)

Community Counseling Center believes that employment is an essential part of adult living and can assist in an individual’s recovery process. Our Individual Placement and Supports (IPS) program works with individuals living with a serious mental illness or co-occurring substance use disorder to gain meaningful employment.

IPS is an evidence-based program that collaborates with Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation to assist individuals with creating a job development plan, navigating work incentive programs, development of interviewing skills and job search, with the goal to become competitively employed. If you would like to learn more about this program, please contact the program supervisor at (573) 339-6104.


Cape Girardeau, Perry, and Ste Genevieve counties


There are eligibility criteria for this service which would be determined upon evaluation for services. Department of Vocational Rehabilitation funds the IPS services and therefore no fees are placed on the client found eligible for the program.

For individuals without coverage, please view our sliding fee schedule for information related to cost of services.  Spanish version of our sliding fee schedule.

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