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Treatment Family Homes

Returning children to a family environment is a high priority. Treatment Family Homes  (TFH) provide the structure and support needed for a child to return to such an environment when he or she is unable to return to his or her own family. TFH may also serve as an alternative to group residential treatment, especially for a very young child.

Treatment Family Homes (TFH) feature homelike settings that provide intensive therapeutic interventions. TFH provide individualized treatment within a community-based family environment with specially trained parents; environments that offer care, concern, and commitment to children and youth struggling with mental health and/or behavior issues. TFH parents interface with children and youth at various levels of treatment relative to education, socialization, extracurricular activities and other areas of concern. TFH allow some children and youth to remain in their own communities and school districts.

Treatment Family Homes (TFH) parents have an obligation to maintain and improve the practice of professional parenting and to offer TFH services to children and youth in a respectful manner and with integrity and competence. A Community Counseling Center treatment team assists TFH parents in developing and implementing individualized treatment plan goals and objectives for the children and youth they parent.      

Treatment Family Homes (TFH) parents complete 60 hours of initial training and 20 hours of additional annual training, and must complete the Department of Mental Health Licensure and pass Fire Marshall Inspections. Other requirements apply.

If you are interested in becoming a Treatment Family Homes parent, please contact: Treatment Family Homes 573-290-5888

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