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coNEXTion Community Resource Center

Community Counseling Center’s coNEXTion program provides resources and mental wellness services to residents in South Cape Girardeau. Another primary focus of coNEXTion is to promote necessary and positive change to residents in South Cape Girardeau and, in effect, to address ongoing and pervasive poverty, drugs and drug gangs, lack of employment opportunities and other factors that breed violence. coNEXTion staff educate the public about services and opportunities in South Cape via presentations, interviews and other venues. Specifically, coNEXTion invites and encourages South Cape residents to participate in revitalization of their community. coNEXTion works closely with school educators in organizing free creative arts and literacy events sponsored by the Cape Girardeau Rotary Club and offered on site at coNEXTion. The Cape Police Department is a primary partner of coNEXTion and provides a Substation onsite at our coNEXTion location.             

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