STOP NEEDLESS ACTS OF VIOLENCE PLEASE (S.N.A.P.), sponsored by Community Counseling Center

Stop Needless Acts of Violence was founded by Community Counseling Center employee Felice Roberson in response to her son’s murder on the Southside of Cape Girardeau. SNAP, law enforcement, city official, service organizations, churches, schools and citizens of Cape Girardeau are working to make changes regarding poverty, drugs, lack of employment and other factors that set the stage for violence. S.N.A.P. organizes an annual march to remind and call attention to violence. A primary function of the program is to educate the public via presentations, interviews and other venues to address the violence. The S.N.A.P. committee holds monthly meetings at the Salvation Army and its committee meets monthly to plan activities. S.N.A.P. is housed in the hub of the Southside. Meetings, block parties, education, social services, mental wellness and other projects are being implemented.
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