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Community Counseling Center (CCC) is a 501 (c)(3)       not-for-profit behavioral health organization serving the public since 1974. The Center’s Mission is to provide comprehensive behavioral healthcare treatment for anyone in need residing within the five-county region of Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Madison, Perry, and Ste. Genevieve. As a Certified Administrative Agent of the Missouri Department of Mental Health, CCC provides a full array of comprehensive behavioral health services to over 9,000 unduplicated patients via 42 programs in 24 physical locations and over 450 staff, including lead organization staff, physicians, nurses,  therapists, supervisors, case managers for children and adults, IT technicians, support/clerical staff, billing/accounting personnel, medical records, Genoa Pharmacy and others

Community Counseling Center (CCC) is funded by the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH); Mental Health Boards in Cape Girardeau, Perry, and Ste. Genevieve Counties; fees for services; grants and contracts; third party insurance; self-pay, and private and corporate gifts.

The Center’s Governing Board is comprised of 10 volunteer members representing and residing in its five county catchment area. Twenty-seven volunteer Foundation members arrange annual funding campaigns and events to assist with the Center’s operations, services and programs.

Our Center is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International, an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. We have achieved six consecutive, high level three-year Accreditations. During our 2019 evaluation, 21 of our 42 programs were reviewed against 2,052 Standards and 99.4% in compliance with Standards, thereby verifying that CCC’s programs are of the highest quality, measurable and accountable. 

During Fiscal Year July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019, we provided 230,836 hours of direct services to over 9,000 unduplicated patients via 41 programs and over 450 staff, including psychiatrists, nurses, directors/administrators, therapists, supervisors, case managers for children and adults, IT technicians, support/clerical staff, medical records billing/accounting personnel, Genoa Pharmacy and other staff. Three programs, the Gallery of Inspiration, the Peer Impact Center and the TLC Warm Line are CCC consumer operated businesses.

Because Community Counseling Center operations involve a vast array of programs and opportunities, throughout the year Medical and Advanced Nurse Practitioner students from various universities complete their Psychiatric Clinical Rotations at our Center. Each semester, students from Southeast Missouri State University and other universities complete their Psychology, Professional Counselor, Social Work, Substance Use Counseling, Criminal Justice and other program Practicums and Internships via the diverse learning opportunities offered in our five county regions. As an additional learning opportunity, students participate in the Student Focus & Process Group at which they share practicum/internship experiences, challenges, what did and did not work. Upon request, students offer each other support by sharing similar events and what approach(s) worked for them.    



Sadly, during 2018 our two longest Board members from Ste. Genevieve passed away due to illnesses. They are all greatly missed. Mary Ann Otto served on the Board for 38 years from 1979-2017. She served as Board Secretary from 1987-2017. Jerry Jaegers served on the Board for 20 years from 1997-2017, as Vice President from 2002-2008 and Treasurer from 2008-2015.  

Martha Lou Fallert representing Ste. Genevieve County, retired from the Board in 2018 due to health. Dr. John Hinni joined the Governing Board in 1994 representing Cape Girardeau County. He served as President of the Board from  1994 – 2009 and became a senior member in 2010. He retired from the Board in 2018 and maintains Emeritus status and passed away in June 2019. 

Gene Speight representing Cape Girardeau County joined the Board in 2010 and served as President from 2013-2017. He retired from the Board in 2018 and maintains Emeritus status.


                  COLLEEN BURROUGHS RETIRES                      39 YEARS OF SERVICE and DEDICATION


On July 1st, 1980, Colleen began her career as Secretary/

Receptionist with Community Counseling Center (CCC) in Perryville. She greeting everyone, made telephone contacts, scheduled appointments, typing and billing. In 2010, she became Perryville's  first Office Manager instructing support staff to meet CCC goals, assuring adequate staff coverage for patients, managing daily operations and liaison between support staff and supervisors. Colleen has touched the hearts of hundreds of coworkers, patients, community leaders and others. I have been very blessed by this position and by those I've come in contact with daily – all outstanding, unique, special individuals. I'm grateful for the time that I had with the Center and humbled to have been a part its mission. Coleen retired April 26, 2019.




Where We Are and Where We Are Going

Certified Community Behavioral Health Organization (CCBHO)

We continue to move into CCHBO territory which is designed to streamline and improve how states deliver behavioral health services for Medicaid beneficiaries. CCHBO is specifically focused on individuals living with serious mental illness (SMI) and/or severe substance use, and children and adolescents having serious emotional disturbances (SED). Payment for services involves the Prospective Payment System (PPS) Options which has a pre-determined fixed rate for services rendered regardless of type or intensity of services. Our focus is on cost reporting and programs as outlined in the 53 page document of requirements. Although many of the required elements are in place, we need to update and document specifically in accordance to the application format. CCHBO status is a huge transition that will allow us to significantly improve the behavioral health of our consumers by (1) Providing and coordinating care via a comprehensive array of community-based mental and substance use disorder services; (2) Advancing integration of behavioral health services and physical health care; (3) Assimilating and utilizing evidence-based practices on a more consistent basis; (4) Promoting improved access to high quality care.

Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT)

A requirement of CCBHO is for our Center to provide Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) for patients living with substance use disorders. We continue to develop our plan for providing MAT and reviewing options for integrating this service into our operations. Early in January, Department of Mental Health (DMH) officials accessed our readiness to provide MAT Services, and although they continue to support and encourage our efforts, DMH cannot currently provide funding as expected. Those funds were to have been set aside for agencies like ours, not yet CCBHO Certified, and would have deferred the cost of care for individuals without Medicaid support. While some funding may be available to non-CCBHO programs, how much would be available is not known. Reportedly, DMH is to receive a new Opioid Grant that specifies funds for MAT services for Centers like ours and new funds would pay for services. 

Streamline/Smartcare Electronic Health Records

Although challenging, in tandem and necessary for meeting Certified Community Behavioral Health Organization (CCHBO) requirements and status, we continue to make significant progress in implementing Streamline and Smartcare processes which are user friendly and efficient Electronic Health Records (EHR) designed for Behavioral Health systems. Developing suitable and applicable formats for this system has been an ongoing process. We have developed forms compatible with this system and met our goal of data migration and live implementation of Streamline.

Liberty Apartments

In 2018, Chad Hartle of RCH Development, Inc. and Dr. Sharon Braun of Community Counseling Center presented Liberty Apartments to members of the Cape Girardeau City Council, all of whom were highly supportive. Our Liberty Apartments application was presented and approved in 2019 by Missouri Housing Development Commission and approved by the State. We continue to work with the Cape Girardeau Area Housing Committee in securing the 40 unit Liberty Apartments affordable housing complex in South Cape Girardeau. Vulnerable and economically disadvantaged individuals will have an opportunity for safe, affordable housing and able to live as independently as possible. Community Counseling Center is the Lead Referral Agency with ten (10) units set aside for our consumers having special needs and who will receive service enriched supportive services offered by CCC Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation providers licensed by Missouri Department of Mental Health and funded through Medicaid.  Additional referrals and services will be provided by representatives of 24 multi-social services and civic entities comprising the Cape Girardeau Area Housing Committee. Construction of Liberty Apartments began in midsummer 2019 and scheduled for completion in May, 2020.

Clustered Apartments Program

Our Clustered Apartment Program (CAP) program offers supportive rehabilitation services to assist individuals 18 years or older who have special needs in maintaining their independence within the community and minimizing the risk of out of home placement. Supportive services are offered by our Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center providers licensed by Missouri Department of Mental Health and funded through Medicaid. CAP services use of strength-based approaches and service delivery incorporates trauma-informed principles and motivational interviewing techniques. CAP meets consumers “where they are” and offer a variety of skill building and practical skill application in their living environment based on their current strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences. Supportive rehabilitation services assist individuals in maintaining their independence within the community and minimiz the risk of out of home placement.

Community Counseling Center South Campus

In response to the Center’s continued growth, the Center purchased property at 1913 Rushmar in Cape to accommodate expansion and the need of additional office space for supportive services. Our Adult and Children Comprehensive Psychiatric Rehabilitative Center (Case Management), Healthcare Home Nurses (monitor consumer medications, diabetes, vitals, etc.) and Individual Placement Services (consumer employment) are housed at this location.   

School Based Mental Health Counseling

We continue to increase the number of school based mental health counselors based on student needs. Currently, ten School Based Counselors who are assigned to Cape (2), Ste. Genevieve (2), Jackson (2), Perryville (1), Marble Hill (1), Fredericktown (1). One (1) School Based Counselor/Crisis Worker and one (1) School Based Care Coordinator (case manager) are assigned to Cape Schools. School administrators and teachers provide referrals for counseling services. Our counselors utilize the Patient Health Questionnaires (PHQ3) which provide a full psychosocial evaluation and risk assessment on each child. All Crisis and Follow-up PHQ9 assessments, the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (SSRS) for suicide and the Stanley Brown Personal Safety Plan (SBPSP) are utilized. Families are involved as much as possible. Additional support includes child and adolescent case management in the homes whether children are in school or currently not in school. Case Managers in all of our counties maintain contact with schools. The need for  increased School Based Counseling services continues to rise. The following provides our 2018 student enrollment in School Based Counseling in comparison with 2019 student enrollment in School Based Counseling.

School Based Mental Health Services                     School Based Mental Health Services

            Current Enrollment                                              Year to Date Enrollment                                  

            Cape and Jackson    111                                           Cape and Jackson   112                   

            Perryville                    26                                           Perryville                   31

            Ste. Genevieve            55                                           Ste. Genevieve           74

            Fredericktown             2                                           Fredericktown             1  (Began 2019)    

           Marble Hill                 25                                           Marble Hill                33_

                                              219 Total                                                                   251 Total        

School Based Youth Day Treatment Program

We continue our onsite Day Treatment Program partnerships at Cape, Jackson, Perryville and Ste. Genevieve Schools and working towards expansion into Madison and Bollinger Counties. Day Treatment Programs are being considered for older children in Jackson. Two programs operate with elementary schools in Jackson and Ste. Genevieve. Our Cottonwood Day Program has expanded to accommodate more children from Cape Schools and include elementary aged and older youth. Day Treatment provides more intensive services than outpatient treatment for elementary through secondary youth who require an alternative to inpatient care or partial hospitalization. An intensive array of services are provided in a structured, supervised environment designed to reduce symptoms of a psychiatric disorder and maximize the youth’s functioning to a level that s(he) can transition back to the regular school and able to interact in community and family settings. This multidisciplinary team approach to care combines education, counseling, and family interventions. Day Treatment staff includes a Manager, Therapist, Family Assistance Workers, Van Driver/Aide, Teachers/aids, Nurses and Psychiatrist. Our School Based Supervisor oversees/coordinates services within our system. Reportedly, the models of school based services that we created are the envy of other regions.  

The following provides our 2018 enrollment in comparison with 2019 enrollment in Youth Day Treatment Program.

        Youth Day Treatment                        Youth Day Treatment

               Current Enrollment                                Year to Date Enrollment

  Cape Youth Day Treatment      28         Cape Youth Day Treatment         32

 Jackson Youth Day Treatment  15         Jackson Youth Day Treatment    18

Ste. Gen Youth Day Treatment   28           Ste. Genevieve Youth Day Treatment 12

        Total Year To Date               42          Total Year To Date                      62 


coNEXTion Resource Center

coNEXTion provides resources and mental wellness services to residents in South Cape Girardeau and promotes necessary and positive change and, in effect, addresses ongoing and pervasive poverty, drugs and drug gangs, lack of employment opportunities and other factors that breed violence. The Office Manager and Peer Support Staff oversee coNEXTion operations and educate the public regarding access to services and opportunities in South Cape via presentations, interviews, workshops, and other venues. coNEXTion invites and encourages South Cape residents to get “coNEXTed” and participate in the revitalization of their community.

coNEXTion works closely with middle and high school superintendents and educators in organizing free creative arts (Art Classes) and free literacy events (A.B.C. SQUAD) sponsored by the Cape Girardeau Rotary Club and offered on site at coNEXTion. Additional partners include Cape Public Library, SEMO Arts Council, SEMO Arts Department and Performing Arts, churches and many community organizations. The Cape Girardeau Police Department is a  partner and established a Substation onsite at coNEXTion. Residents have access to mental wellness services and resources. Free art, literacy, music, cooking and conservation lessons are offered. GED and Job Search are available and offered free.

____________________________________________________________________________________ Integrated Treatment for Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorder (ITCD) 

We expanded our Integrated Treatment for Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorder (ITCD) Co-occurring for adults and youth. We acquired a building in Madison County to house Case Managers and the ITCD program and ITCD services are provided in all of our 5 county catchment area. ITCD is an evidence based practice that improves the quality of life for individuals living with these disorders. Individuals achieve significant changes in sobriety, symptom management and independent living via a incremental, overlapping changes overtime


Louis E. Masterman Group Home

We plan to secure a site and build a replacement facility for our Louis E. Masterman Group Home and expand our onsite Intensive Residential Services (IRTS) beds which provide a temporary safety net for individuals in crisis when inpatient hospital beds are not available. CCC staff is involved in planning space and design based on current requirements and based on our experience with our Ridgeway House for women which was completed in 2017. A preliminary floor plan and preliminary cost for Lou Masterman Group Home is being prepared and will be revised as necessary. Our focus will be best practice options in relation to Certified Community Behavioral Health Organization (CCBHO) cost reporting.


Perryville Office

We will explore building type(s), methods of construction and land available on which to build a Behavioral Health office in Perryville as we currently do not have space for our Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services program, no group room or enough private rooms for Counseling and Psychiatry. We currently utilize office space provided by the Health Department but it no longer meets our needs and restricts our ability to serve the community as we are accustomed in doing.


Cottonwood Children’s Residential Center, South Campus

We will be requesting cost estimates for replacing the 36,000 sq. ft. original roof at Cottonwood (formerly the Life Care Center) and will be a high ticket project.  


Certified Peer Support Specialists Program

We continue to increase employment of consumer Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPS) as they relate to other consumers in a manner that helps them feel comfortable with the entry process and accessing services. CPS staff assist with initial paperwork, Medicaid application, benefits and resources and tasks needed in other CCC programs. We are increasing Peer Support groups and events provided at the consumer operated Peer Impact Center (Peers Empowering & Educating Respectfully) and the Talk, Listen, Care (TLC) phone line. 


Suicide Prevention & Awareness Conference

Community Counseling Center’s Annual Suicide Prevention & Awareness Conference is the most highly attended Awareness Conference in the State of Missouri and is being expanded even more. Last year’s conference offered its first youth breakout sessions which were filled to capacity and highly rated. This year, youth will  help facilitate sessions and others will share their stories. Our 6th year conference is July 25th from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and will again be held at the Show Me Center to accommodate nearly 900 plus professionals, general public, law enforcement, education and others. Free admission and free lunch are offered. Keynote Speakers will be announced. CEUs are available.


09-25-18 Community Counseling Center Walks for Suicide Awareness 

 Over 600 participants including Community Counseling Center employees joined family, friends, co-workers and others to participate in Cape Girardeau's 6th Annual Out of the Darkness Walk at North Cape County Park. Each year, thousands of people throughout the country participate in the walks to raise funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFS)) whose vision is to create a world without suicide. These walks honor loved ones lost to suicide, raise funds, build awareness and help prevent suicide. AFSP has promoted Out of the Darkness walks since 2004 as an avenue by which survivors of suicide loss can be involved in a variety of educational, outreach, awareness, advocacy, and fundraising programs.  

Prior to the walk, each team captain announced the name and shared a photo of the loved one or friend being honored whose life was lost to suicide. Teams began their walk at noon around the North County Park pond. Our team had 54 participants including CCC staff and clients. In addition to this fundraiser, we hope to keep fundraising throughout the year for the AFSP's Out of the Darkness Walk to help fund our Annual Suicide Prevention and Awareness Conference. AFSP Out of the Darkness walks raise funds (82 cents of every dollar) that can be used towards AFSP’s Five Core Strategies: 

  • Educate the public about mental disorders and suicide prevention
  • Fund scientific research
  • Promote policies and legislation that impact suicide and prevention
  • Provide programs and resources for survivors of suicide loss and people at risk, and involve them in the work of the Foundation
  • Offer educational programs for professionals 

AFSP monies also provided funding for Community Counseling Center staff to be trained in Mental Health First Aid for Adults and for Youth and, thereby, allowing them to train members in society on how to (1) identify signs of mental illness and suicide ideation, (2) ask someone if s(he) is okay and, (3) help someone get assistance if s(he) needs it.   


 Crisis Intervention Team (CIT

Community Counseling Center will continue to sponsor the annual Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) banquet to honor law enforcement throughout our five counties. We intend to expand our CIT training to all law enforcement agencies in our catchment area, including the Police Academy at Southeast Missouri State University. A primary CIT outcome is for officers to learn and recognize whether they are faced with a law violation or with a mental health issue which, in turn, significantly alters how law enforcement approaches and responds to individuals appearing to be a threat.  CIT training also helps law enforcement effectively recognize the needs of persons with mental illness and substance use issues.

CIT curriculum consists of 40 direct clock hours of training and is mandatory for area law enforcement. Our local CIT program has met all requirements for National Certification. Feedback from officers continues to be highly positive and with better end results than prior to trainings. CIT  CIT provides officers with local resource information and how to access services. Our Center is proud to be a part of this initiative.


Clinical Rotations, Internships and Practicums

CCC will continue to serve as a Field Placement Site for 3rd and 4th year medical students and nurse practitioners who complete their required psychiatric clinical rotations within CCC’s Cottonwood Residential Treatment Center, Suicide Prevention Integrated Dual Diagnosis Groups, Outpatient Therapy, Psychosocial Rehabilitation and other pertinent programs.

CCC continues to serve as a Field Placement Site for university intern and practicum students from various fields of social services. The Center operates over 40 programs, many of which are available and a good fit for these students. Once a month, students attend the Student Focus & Process Group in which they share their site experiences and request input from each other regarding specific challenges and successes they experience.      



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