Outpatient Substance Abuse and Co/Occurring

Community Counseling Center's (CCC) Outpatient Substance Abuse/Co-Occurring program is designed to improve the quality of lives for clients struggling with mental health disorders, substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, gambling addiction, anger management and domestic violence. We accomplish our mission by using evidence-based practices and offering a fully integrated care approach that provides the most effective and culturally competent services that our clients deserve. We provide services in a manner that meets our clients where they are and that promotes clients rights, responsibilities, rehabilitation and recovery.

Our co-occurring services:

  • Create a therapeutic environment in which our clients feel welcomed and valued.
  • Use evidenced-based practices to ensure a higher quality of care.
  • Provide support for our client’s recovery from addictive diseases, mental health disorders, and other behavior health problems.
  • Provide comprehensive education to our clients, their families, agency staff, and to the community.
Funding: Department of Mental Health - POS, Medicare, MO HealthNew, Insurance, Self Pay
Our Services