Integrated Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders (ITCD)

The Integrated Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders (ITCD) model is an evidence-based practice that improves the quality of life for individuals living with severe mental illness and substance abuse disorders (co-occurring) by combining mental health and substance abuse services. ITCD emphasizes that individuals achieve significant changes in sobriety, symptom management, and independent living via a series of small, overlapping, incremental changes that occur over time. ITCD involves individual and group therapy, and emphasizes the importance of education and self awareness that promote recovery.

Integrated Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders (ITCD) is a multidisciplinary approach involving pharmacological, psychological, educational and social interventions to address the needs of consumers and family members. ITCD promotes involvement of consumer and family in service delivery. The ITCD program is provided in Cape Girardeau, Perry, Bollinger, Madison, and Ste. Genevieve Counties.

Funding: Department of Mental Health (DMH) – Provider of Services (POS), Medicare, MO HealthNet, Insurance, and Self Pay. 
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