Healthcare Home

Persons living with mental health disabilities often do not have adequate access to primary healthcare. In order to address this concern, Community Counseling Center began the Healthcare Home Initiative in 2012. Healthcare Home is the result of collaborative efforts involving the Missouri Primary Care Association (PCA) and the Missouri Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC).

The intent of Healthcare Home is to integrate behavioral and primary care in an effort to imporve overall health and wellness of persons living with mental illnesses and persistent medical issues while, at the same time,reduce the cost of care. Healthcare Home is  available to persons living wiht chronic illnesses and who are Medicaid eligible.

A primary care physician consultant is on site at Community Counseling Center (CCC) to work with CCC psychiatrists, nurses and case managers in developing comprehensive “medical” assessments and treatment plans for persons living with chronic primary care conditions, such as, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, and other illnesses. Nurses, case mangers and team members coordinate care to ensure that CCC clients receive the high quality behavioral and primary health care they deserve.

Healthcare Home offers comprehensive care management, care coordination and health promotion, comprehensive transitional care including, follow-up from inpatient and other settings, patient and family support, referral to community and support services, and use of health information technology to link services.

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