Family Reunification Services (FRS)

Children and Families

The goal of Family Reunification Services (FRS) is to reunite children with families and to shorten the child's time in foster care. FRS is based on the premise that every effort should be made to rehabilitate the home and reunite the family because children usually benefit the most when they are living with their immediate families or with extended relatives.

An increasing number of Missouri's children are placed into the State's care due to parental drug involvement and other types of abuse and neglect. FRS is a family-based program that extends support, information and education to family members. Family members are included in regularly scheduled FRS team meetings that include professionals from the courts, schools, and other agencies. The purposes of the FRS team meetings are to (1) periodically review family progress in meeting goals for change, (2) review the family's current status in relation to safety and the family environment, and (3) recommend when the family is ready for the child to return home with the extra support of the FRS Specialist.

Funding: Missouri Children's Division Contract

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