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Emergency Room Enhancement (ERE)

Emergency Room Enhancement (ERE) is an intensive case management program that targets individuals who are high-utilizers of services (ER, hospital, law enforcement). ERE works with referred consumers to increase access to appropriate resources, remove barriers to treatment, reduce ER, hospital, and law enforcement utilization, increase mental/physical health, decrease homelessness, and increase stability in the community.

  • A consumer is eligible for ERE if they meet the following criteria:
  • Age 18+, living in Cape, Bollinger, Perry, Ste. Gen, or Madison Counties
  • 3+ ER/hospitalizations/law enforcement contacts within the last 3 months,
  • un or under-insured (Medicaid/Medicare/no insurance),
  • Mental health diagnosis (or evidence of diagnosable disorder),
  • Evidence that the consumer has an impairment in functioning and could benefit from case management assistance and they are not already established in such services.

Anyone who comes in contact with these clients in a professional manner can refer to ERE. This includes physicians, nurses, social workers, probation officers, counselors, substance use specialists, police officers, homeless outreach coordinators, etc.

The following data is as of January 2019:

Within 6 months of engagement in ERE:

  • 72% reduction in ER visits
  • 73% reduction in hospitalizations
  • 72% reduction in homelessness
  • 32% reduction in unemployment
  • 59% reduction in arrests
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