Compulsive Gambling Intervention and Treatment  (CGIT) 

The Compulsive Gambling Intervention and Treatment (CGIT) program provides counseling for individuals who struggle with gambling addiction (i.e., compulsive gambling or pathological gambling) and/or co-occurring diagnoses (i.e., addiction and mental illness). An overall guiding principle of CGIT is to assist individuals in making more constructive choices. Services are provided by credentialed professionals who demonstrate substantial knowledge and skills in the treatment and rehabilitation of compulsive gambling and who are recognized by the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Compulsive Gambling Counselors are either licensed in Missouri by the Division of Professional Registration or a Substance Abuse Counselor I or II certified by the Missouri Credentialing Board. 

Compulsive Gambling Intervention and Treatment (CGIT) program clients participate in an initial comprehensive assessment that identifies their needs, level of care, and modality of service(s). Clients are screened for addictive gambling signs and symptoms and for other probable mental health disorders and medical factors that may contribute to, influence, or precipitate addictive behaviors. At the time of evaluation, the counselor and client participate in developing a time oriented, individualized treatment plan that includes measurable goals and outcomes. Family members are encouraged to participate in the process and planning of treatment. Treatment Plan reviews occur every 90 days. If services are needed beyond the scope of CGIT, referrals are made and coordinated accordingly. Upon completion of services, a Discharge Summary is completed and an Aftercare Plan is developed with the client.

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