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Keep Our Clients in Your Presence of Mind

Each year the Community Counseling Center Foundation ensures that our 117 residential clients receive Christmas gifts. This year is no different, is! COVID-19 has dramatically affected the Foundation's fundraising efforts with the cancellation of our event fundraisers.

You can be a part of making Christmas special to our residents. Just $25 will provide a special gift chosen for someone who may not have anything under the tree this year.

Our residents are individuals living with chronic mental health diagnoses (i.e., anxiety, bi-polar, depression, personality disorders, etc.) that often involve severe behavioral and emotional issues resulting in guardianship. They are working hard to overcome their diagnosis with the help of Community Counseling Center staff and therapists. Many have no family as a result of their illness.

This year we ask you to please help us make them feel loved at Christmas. We ask that you consider giving to this fundraiser, and keep our clients in your presence of mind.

Please click the following link to make a donation:


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